4 Simple Ways To Create Joy

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Picture of woman smiling in flower field

Close your eyes? And think of a moment when you felt joyful, Like really long-term contentment with calm and peace, not just that fleeting moment of happiness. 

We wait for those moments that give us joy. That college admission letter, that promotion, that new car, that moment when we have enough money to retire, and we tell ourselves we will be joyful. But that feeling disappears as soon as it comes and we start looking for the next source of joy. That fleeting feeling is actually happiness and not joy. Happiness is short-lived while joy is something that we create and cultivate within ourselves.

Our goal is to work on creating those moments of joy in our daily lives. Is it easy? no, it’s actually hard but not impossible. We have to look for ways to add more joy to our life as the alternative is worse. Here are just a few simple ones to start with.


Not physically lose yourself but find something that you enjoy, and create those moments that you love and that challenge you. Like learning a new language or instrument for example.


Spend time with people that are good for your heart. Let go of toxic relationships and the negativity that surrounds them. Be with people that make you happy and not suck the energy out of you.


Do something to give back to help others, be it through charity, volunteering, or even donating your time. I grew up with an African Zulu philosophy of Ubuntu. It means, “I am because you are” and that we are all connected and we can progress and grow together. Move your focus off yourself and assist others.


Get out for a hike, even a walk in your neighborhood. Put that phone away and listen to the birds, take a moment to look at the flowers or even feel the gentle breeze. Let your senses come alive with the sights and sounds of nature. 

Joy is within our grasp and reach. You may already be doing these and a few others without even knowing it. Work on finding what works for you as that is the first step into creating the joy within.

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